Do you Want to Article with Martens Lingard LLP?

Martens Lingard LLP is a full service law firm, and when we hire articling students we want them to get exposure to all of our practice areas.

We are flexible, however, and a student may concentrate more in one practice area than another. For example, students may focus more heavily on litigation and less on the solicitor side of practice, or vice versa.

It is expected however,  that at some point during the articling year every student will participate in criminal and civil litigation and family law, as well as be exposed to wills, real estate and corporate work.

The articling year should be a journey of discovery. Although students may have a pre-conceived idea of what they want to do with the rest of their working lives, it is only after being exposed to a particular  practice area that they may discover that something they thought they would enjoy they do not, and something they have never been exposed to turns out to be the kind of work they want to do for the rest of their working life.

In assessing us, or any other firm, the applicant will want to look at the types of law practiced, the make-up of the firm, the reputation of the lawyers, and the support available to students and young lawyers.  We match up with any firm in Niagara in these areas.

Normally we only take one applicant per year and we do not take articling students every year.  In part, the decision is made based on the needs of the firm but we also take into consideration the applications received.

Compensation is competitive with other firms in St. Catharines and will be decided upon before the start of the articling term.  Given the fact that there may be travel to other towns in Niagara as part of the articling year, having access to transportation would be an asset for a student but is not a necessity.

We will not hire a candidate if we do not think he or she has the potential to be hired back after the articling year and become a permanent member of the firm.  During the articling year the student will be given every opportunity to show us why they should be hired back.

We enjoy having articling students at the firm and take pleasure in the mentoring process.  We want each and every one of them to succeed.

If you have any questions about our articling program please contact John Lefurgey at 905-687-6551 or by e-mail at