Terry Romaniuk

Terry works with Ron Martens as a solicitor at Martens Lingard, with an individual focus on corporate law (for-profit and not-for-profit/charitable corporations), commercial law (leases, licenses, buy/sell agreements, service agreements, etc.), residential and commercial real estate and all manners of property law issues, refinancing (mortgages, corporate), wills / power of attorneys / estate administration and individual and corporate taxes.

Terry has worked in the St. Catharines legal community for over five years, but has lived in St. Catharines for over fifteen years, spending seven years as a pharmaceutical representative in the Niagara Region prior to becoming a lawyer. Prior to Terry’s move to St. Catharines he was a teaching professional at Greystone golf club in Milton, Ontario.

Although Terry’s path to law might seem unusual, all his prior jobs required or taught him skills that enhance his performance as a lawyer. In particular, he has gained strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate complex concepts and information to different people along with a willingness to try different approaches to reach a desired destination. Golf professionals, sales representatives and lawyers all have to be good communicators.

Although Terry enjoyed his earlier jobs, he eventually decided he wanted to challenge himself in a different, more academic way, and went back to University and eventually to law school. The academic foundation supplied by his parents and the skills gained through a decade in the work force allowed Terry to graduate second in his undergraduate class and receive early admission into Osgoode Hall Law School.

Terry truly enjoys being a lawyer. The issues presented in his practice areas provide the intellectual challenge he desires in his career and the client interactions provide him with the direct human contact and impact he thrives on.

Terry uses his training to give back to the community by serving as a Director on several not-for-profit Boards and giving seminars and performing consulting work for other non-profits he is not otherwise involved with.

Terry lives by the philosophies, ‘any job worth doing is worth doing well’, and, ‘get a little bit better every single day’. He applies these philosophies to his personal and work life.

Finally, he still enjoys chasing a little white ball around a golf course and not only plays regularly but participates in numerous charity tournaments over the course of the year.